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Computer Networking Technology

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Grant funds will cover the tuition, textbooks, study materials and network tool kits for 15 Computer Networking Technology students starting in the Fall 2024 semester and 15 students in the Fall 2025 semester. Credentials may be earned as well.

The Computer Networking Technology option offers training in telecommunications, network technologies, administration, hardware maintenance, operating systems and network planning, and implementation. Computer Networking Technology graduates will have opportunities for employment as computer support specialists, network technicians, and network managers or administrators. The curriculum for CNT is based upon data as collected from curricula guides, input from business, and a revision team.

Admission Requirements

Students must submit an MDCC Application for Admission and an official transcript. An ACT composite score of 16 or higher; ACCUPLACER scores of Reading, 55; Pre-Algebra Math, 34; or Next-Generation ACCUPLACER scores of Reading, 239; Math, 215 is required. Students must have a high school diploma, have a High School Equivalency Diploma or have completed at least one unit less than the minimum acceptable high school units as prescribed by law (i.e., if the state requires 21 high school units to graduate, a student can be admitted into a community/junior college with 20 high school units).

Completion options include a Technical Certificate, Advanced Technical Certificate and Associate of Applied Science degree.


Course Check Sheets

Technical Certificate
Advanced Technical Certificate
Associate of Applied Science


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