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Accelerated Track for Phlebotomists


Advanced Placement

The Medical Laboratory Technology Program at Mississippi Delta Community College offers an option for successful completers of the MDCC Phlebotomy Program to apply for early enrollment into the MLT Program. Students who successfully complete the MDCC Phlebotomy program (PBT 1113 and PBT 1122) and have been selected into the Medical Laboratory Technology program may waive enrollment in MLT 1112 Fundamentals of Medical Laboratory Technology/ Phlebotomy and join the current MLT Freshman.



  • ACT score of 16 or above
  • Take an entrance exam within the last 18 months
  • Have no more than 11 hours of required academic courses to complete*
  • Acceptable criminal background check, as required by Mississippi State Law
  • Satisfactory pre-admission physical exam and drug screen
  • Applicants into the MLT Accelerated Track are subject to the admission requirements as listed under "Requirements for Admission."

*PBT graduates applying for the Accelerated Track admission into Spring term can only lack 11 hours of other non-MLT courses. PBT graduates applying for admission into Fall term will be evaluated with incoming Freshmen and will be allowed to forgo the MLT Fundamentals class (MLT 1112).

The program director is responsible for evaluating transfer and advanced placement credit. 
College policies concerning advanced placement in the academic division are stated in the College Catalog. Students applying for the MLT program who have earned credits by transfer, exam, or evaluation which are equivalent to the entire first year of the program would be placed into the second year courses on a space-available basis.