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Instructor Guidelines for Dual Enrollment


Dual Enrollment Instructor Approval Process

  1. The Dual Enrollment Coordinator will send out a letter to high school counselors explaining the criteria for dual enrollment and have them complete a letter of intent. To begin the process, the teacher must immediately complete the online Application for Employment (in the Position Applied For field, specify “Dual Enrollment and for which High School”). Send the college transcript to Human Resources at After a brief time to process, the teacher should contact HR at 246-6390 to see if all documents have been received. Once received, the instructor should contact the appropriate department chair:
  2. Upon receiving the completed letter of intent from the school counselor, the Dual Enrollment Coordinator will place the teacher contact information and requested courses to teach on the Dual Enrollment Instructor Approval Form. The Department Chair checks the credentials of the instructor in the Office of Human Resources. The Dual Enrollment Coordinator waits to gain the go ahead from the Department Chair.
  3. The Department Chair completes the entire approval form/checklist after calling or visiting the instructor. The Department Chair will either grant approval/disapproval on the form. The original is taken to Human Resources to be placed in the personnel files. The Department Chair gives a copy of the approval form to the Dual Enrollment Coordinator. It is the responsibility of the Department Chair to call the instructor and let them know if he or she has been granted approval or not.
  4. Upon receiving a completed “approved” approval form from the Department Chair, the Dual Enrollment Coordinator may begin the process of placing the course on the schedule and contacting the counselor at the high school. The Dual Enrollment Coordinator will collect the Teacher Information form from the counselor and provide the Department Chair with a copy.
  5. The Department Chair remains in contact with the instructor the remainder of the semester for payroll forms, FAQ’s, Banner log-in trouble, attendance, etc.


Responsibilities (other than teaching the course)

  1. Record attendance weekly for each student in each class in Banner. Even though you may have perfect attendance, Banner does not know this until the Submit button in Banner is clicked. If your attendance is delinquent, your name will appear on a Missing Attendance List from Admissions which then requires your Department Chair to contact you.  *Click here for instructions for recording attendance*
  2. Check your email frequently. Checking your email only on the day you have class or the day before is not enough. There may be times when certain situations arise that your immediate action is required. By not checking your e-mail, the Department Chair or the Dual Enrollment Coordinator must then try to get in touch with you by phone. E-mailing is the easiest way to communicate with you so please get in the habit.
  3. You will be paid at the end of September, October, November, and December for the fall semester and February, March, April and May for the spring semester. You will be emailed a Class Load Form each semester to complete, sign and return to your Department Chair. This is the form that qualifies you to receive payment for your class. We cannot accept a copy or a fax. It must be the original with an original signature. You will be given a deadline for the form to be received by your Department Chair. If we do not receive this form by the deadline, you possibly could not receive the first check. If we are missing any of the necessary documents as stated earlier by Human Resources, your check may be held until the next month.
  4. Department chairs that have dual enrollment courses are:
    • Business/Computers – Teresa Webster
    • Career-Technical – Suzanne Thompson
    • English & Humanities – Dawn Herring
    • Fine Arts – Jennifer Woodard
    • Health Sciences – Patricia Kelly
    • Math & Science – Elizabeth Scrivner
    • Social Sciences – Allyson Lofton
  5. If you have any questions, click here to visit the Adjunct Faculty Resource Page for further information.
  6. Mississippi Delta Community College reserves the right to discontinue the use of any adjunct instructor in the dual enrollment courses as seen fit by the Department Chair or the Vice President of Instruction.